We have all heard the saying “An attitude of gratitude” being grateful is harder than being pissed off at things. Why is that? I ask myself this question multiple times. Are we just wired that way or is something more sinister afoot?

Even though it takes more energy and effort to be upset we choose it rather than looking for what is good in our life. Hmmmm I seem to be onto something. I read something the other day that read along the lines of and I quote {If a person is truly grateful for the good things they have in life, it would be impossible for that person to be nothing but happy}

WOW! I really had to ponder on what the person was trying to say and it made total sense to me. You know, to start the wheel of gratitude turning was a bit hard. Why? Because so many things in life seem unfair, so I want to beat that over the head instead of focusing on what’s great.

It’s good to focus on being grateful, it lifted my spirits and gave me energy. It’s free to boot! All I did was make a small shift in my mind and I began to see all the good things in life.

We can fly all over the world. We can drive a car to work. I can throw my laundry into a machine and it washes all by itself. Then I throw it into the dryer it dries and takes out the wrinkles. I flip a switch and there is light to brighten up my home. I turn on my stove and make dinner never giving it a second thought. Go to any airport, board a Boeing 747 and in no time you will be ushered into a different time zone, culture and even a different continent.

This modern age we live in, has given us much to be grateful for. Probably the most important thing to be grateful for is family and friends. They are in our lives to help us, to give spice and advice. Hugs too!!