If life had a teleport-er

I reached overhead and pulled on the chain of a single bare bulb hanging in the middle of the room. Light flooded the space blinding me for a few seconds, I must have looked a fright, my eyes bloodshot, beard unshaven, in my boxers, barefoot the situation would have bordered on comical had I not been feeling so much fear. The basement was empty. Nobody, nada, except for that sound. It was still emitting from the far corner of the basement. Every fiber in me wanted to run… run up the stairs… run out of the house, yet a strange energy was luring me to the source.

With caution I walked toward the noise, as I got closer, I saw a large circle had appeared on the cement wall. “That’s weird” I mumbled not knowing what to make of it. The noise had stopped but now I was aware of an unshakable feeling I was supposed to touch the circle. Shaking uncontrollably, I reached out my hand. When my fingers made contact, it immediately turned red, as if in slow motion I felt myself being sucked into some sort of long tunnel. I was yelling for help tumbling along what seemed like forever. I had no power to stop the strong gravity pull this thing had on my body.

For a long time, I kept tumbling, bumping into the tunnel walls, grunting and yelling as a mysterious force pulled me ever faster forward until it felt like I was going at warp speed. I lost sense of time and space, I had no idea how far away from my basement I was. I stopped fighting resigned to the fact this was the death of me. My limp body was tired of fighting the strong force and this might be better for Bev, she could move on with her life without the likes of me around as a millstone around her neck.

By now I was full out crying seeing my pitiful life flash before my very eyes. My high school graduation, all the hopes and dreams I had wanted to accomplish. That magic moment I had literally run into Bev at the park and as I helped her up, my breath was snatched from my lungs. I had been smitten beyond words melting into her eyes. Our short intense dating and engagement had been a whirlwind of romance. Our magical wedding day and then my miserable slow descent into a depressed blob on the coach drinking cheap beer and scraping by with a pitiful job.

I was being taken away, Bev would come home to an empty house; I would simply have vanished, and she won’t know where I am. I wanted a second chance, I wanted a do over, reaching both hands above my head I desperately tried grabbing onto anything that would slow me down, there was nothing to grab. Like a rip tide this thing hurdled me onward. I could not tell which way was up or down. Closing my eyes, I kept screaming and crying begging it to stop hurdling me down this tunnel.

I came to a sudden and complete halt, grunting at the impact. I lost consciousness; 10 minutes must have passed before I became aware of a bright light shining in the distance. Slowly opening my eyes, I was astonished by what I saw, I was still barefoot and just in my boxers, laying in a vast open hay field, the sun was coming up in the east. Jumping to my feet I frantically looked around for the circle back to my house, it wasn’t there any longer. Shaking my head, I tugged on my ear “yep this is for real… umm Tanner you went and did it this time” I said slapping the side of my leg….to be continued