If life had a teleport-er

Looking down at myself I felt quite stupid, the boxers I had on were the ones Bev had bought me as a gag gift for Christmas last year and they were covered in red hearts and lips. In any other situation I would have laughed and drank some beer but here I didn’t even know where here was. Taking in my surroundings, as far as I knew I was alone. Gingerly walking a few feet, figuring my best bet was explore and try to find the circle that had brought me here.

Upon walking a while I discovered my feet didn’t touch the ground or the hay stubble didn’t hurt them when I walked, tilting my head back I looked at the sky it seemed strange somehow, I was becoming aware that everything was out of sorts, the trees in the distant were a bit shimmery. I walked towards the east where the sun was climbing higher in the sky.

After walking for about 20 minutes I heard distant voices, I saw a beautiful house coming into view, the voices drifting towards me were three boys out in their driveway shooting hoops. I stood off to the left of them watching their joy, I noticed the side door open and a little girl came running out “mama says its time for breakfast” her shrill little voice carried on the morning air. Afraid they would see me I shrank back behind the tree embarrassed to be in my bright boxers. One of the boys kicked the ball and it flew past the tree I was hiding behind, “Jimmy go get it” the youngest one demanded. Holding my breath and shrinking against the tree trunk I watched in horror as the boy named Jimmy came bouncing my direction. Running to where the ball lay, he turned and looked right at me. Holding my breath, I stared at the lad knowing he would go screaming to his mama about the man in boxers stalking them behind their tree and I would be branded as a pervert on top of my other mess. To my utter astonishment the lad looked right through me. How could this be, was I invisible to them?

I took a chance and waved my hand at Jimmy. He kept staring passed me. Stepping out from behind the tree, not believing my eyes they literally couldn’t see me. “I must have been pulled into another dimension” I said in disbelief.

Jimmy grabbed the ball and bounded back to his 2 brothers. After getting over my astonishment, I boldly walked right up to the boys “hi boys are you having fun?” I asked they obviously did not know I was there. Kicking the ball toward the garage the 3 bounced their way into the house. I followed close behind “boys, boys go get washed up, pancakes are on the table” a very familiar voice said from the kitchen. I frantically looked around for a place to hide “how come Bev is here, what is going on? I could feel the color drain from my face. I felt like I was kicked in the stomach. Quickly realizing they could not see me I stepped into the spacious living room and looked at all the pictures hanging on the wall. Bev was smiling from the pictures with the 4 children and a guy I had never seen before next to her.  My hand clapped over my mouth as a cry escaped my throat. In a split second I realized how much I still loved her. This must be what my choices would do to her in the future, she would find another guy who did right by her.

I desperately wanted to get back to my house and make things right, but I was trapped because I had no idea how to get back. Walking into the kitchen I stood looking at Bev with her children, the boy named Jimmy was the oldest and he looked a lot like me. It hit me like a ton of bricks she would get pregnant, then leave me and allow another man to raise my son. I was beginning to see I was being shown what was going to happen if I didn’t course correct. Unbelief and grief over my actions overwhelmed my senses. Sliding down the wall of this strange kitchen tears flowed from my eyes as my brain tried to comprehend. As I watched Bev with her 4 children happily eating breakfast, I knew I wanted to be her guy, I wanted to be the one providing this for her.

I watched them for a good 5 minutes taking in the joy on their faces, a call from Bev’s husband came in, her face lit up with joy as she talked to him. My stomach felt like a band of steel had wrapped around it….. the conclusion to Tanners unfortunate events will be a wrap for this story the next installment!