Me at 17

I grew up in a different culture and many people have huge curiosity about this culture. I grew up Amish in rural Ohio. I always wanted a family with five children. I loved to read books growing up, they allowed me to travel the world sitting on my backyard swing that hung from a giant maple tree. It was one of the best forms of entertainment for a young Amish girl, Amish don’t allow T.V or radio. It was way back then I started dabbling in writing poems and short stories.

When I was twenty-nine years of age my husband and I along with our five children stepped out of the Amish culture to pursue a very different life. At times it has been a bumpy journey as we tried to learn new ways of doing things not associated with being Amish. Now many years later we are grateful for some aspects of being raised Amish, we were taught hard work and perseverance no matter what, come hell or high water. I want to share some parts of this journey with folks like yourself. I have had the privilege of talking to quite a few people over the years about our journey and the curiosity is always striking. So I begin…..

Me Today

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