A Monster named chores


A long time ago when the world was full of monsters there was a little monster born and his parents named him Chores. What a strange name to give a monster who was supposed to be big and scary, with sharp teeth and smelly breath.

Chores grew up with the other monsters laughing about his weird name. Chores could never figure out what his purpose was in life, so he spent his days in the corner of his room sulking and moaning how his life was no fun.

“I have no purpose” he cried to his mama. “There there” mama monster patted Chores head “you will see, one day you will be big and bad and scare little children.” So, it was all his growing up years.

Then one day a little boy named Timmy Weldon was born. Timmy was just like other little boys, but he had one fault, he hated doing the chores list his mom wrote for him t