Be original in a copy-paste world

You… me……… you all…. you’all. Yep, here’s pointing to you. Are you being authentic with yourself? What about with other people? When you are at your job, at home, at the store, or are you hiding behind a mask? Are you afraid to show the world your most genuine self? Do you fear rejection if others know your struggles, fears, and insecurities?

What if I told you we all have those same struggles, and it’s normal and ok to feel these things. Are you an artist, are you a teacher, are you good at speaking? Are you a great mother and homemaker? You are making your corner of the world better. So many of us struggle with the voices in our heads belittling us for who we are. To silence those voices, we distract ourselves.

Growing up, I had a hard time with the concept of me being different. I always thought others were interesting, but here I am, just little ole me. It took me more than several years to realize my way of thinking was unique and many more years to become comfortable with how my mind worked. Now I am grateful God created me this way.

Being original is going to look different from your best friend, mother, father, coworker, spouse, sister, or brother. Your being authentic is what makes the world exciting and diverse. Don’t let fear stop you from your dreams and goals. Be a freaking boss and be the original copy in a copy-paste world!