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Change is hard but not impossible

What constitutes a change in your life? There are many reasons we look at our lives and think it’s not that bad. Let’s take a look under the hood, shall we? What bothers you to the core? Are there people who push all your buttons?

Phycology and forgiveness

I believe we all face troublesome times, and we all have people in our lives who are hard to love. We are hard to love at times. Everybody who has ever breathed air has to look in the mirror knowing they’ve let someone down and deeply hurt another person, even our children.

Broken Mirrors

I run in the morning from all this pain
I run in the evening from all these heartaches

What is pure love?

With valentine’s day, just past and you see hearts, flowers, cards, chocolate-covered strawberries everywhere you go; the question popped into my head “does anyone know what true love is”?

When the Rain Stops

 Sweet, warm sunshine. We all enjoy that burning orb in our skies. Lazy summer days on the beach, a warm brisk wind blowing in from beyond the blue horizon of the Atlantic. Lay back on a blanket; feel the grit of sand between your toes

Mental messiness

What is a mental mess, and how can you identify it in your life? It’s often overlooked. Most days, your not even sure how to describe the turmoil. You can’t put words to it; you only feel it on the fringes of your mind.

Guts and Passion

Where has the passion gone? This question tumbled through my mind like a dried out tumbleweed blown by the desert winds. My mind has become a dry place, and I had to dust off the cobwebs gathering in the corner.Why does this happen from time to time? I’m sailing along life’s highway at a good clip, and I hit a brick wall at ninety miles an hour.


What thoughts does this word invoke? A mighty warrior out slaying a dragon, no sweat involved, muscles rippling, hair perfectly blowing in the wind. The dragon swoops down to devour said warrior and with one slash of his sword, plooofff…. the dragon falls to his feet in a billow of smoke and soot, dead as a door knob. The warrior blows on his knuckles, leans against his sword while taking a selfie for all the world to see his fearless deed of the day.


  Love yourself? What are you talking about, that is odd or is it? Let’s dive into this headfirst and explore the depth of this rich truth. I know how rich it is because once I started on this journey of diving deeper into my mind, connecting with all the rawness that lay within and giving it the love and attention it was craving, I began to find peace within myself. Any time we have massive hurt and allow it to fester, all kinds of fear, bitterness, hate, self-doubt, self- loathing will claw at your insides.