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Elements of grief

Dark clouds roll over the land. Thunder rumbles across the hills. The valleys tremble at the roar. Drops of rain wash over the rocks. I lift my head to the sky. I fall on bended knee. Anguish washes over me. Wetness like rivers flow. Tears fall from dim eyes. My face is awash by the […]

Whispering Spirit

A spiritual wind blows through my soul and flutters the curtains of eternity. From the corner of my peripheral vision, I catch a glimpse of heaven. A tear catches in my throat, and a shout of praise lifts from my spirit as I raise my hands in complete awe at the splendor I glimpsed from afar.

Son, I miss you.

As my fingers tap out the words, my heart shatters in a million pieces. “Why” scrolls through my head like a billboard. But, unfortunately, no real answers are forthcoming. Has the world stopped? Has time stood still? Are the weeks still going?