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When the news of my son’s death hit my soul, it felt like I was plowing full sprint into an unmovable brick wall. It threw me back, and I landed hard on my back. As the wind left my lungs, a shock overtook my whole being.

Elements of grief

Dark clouds roll over the land. Thunder rumbles across the hills. The valleys tremble at the roar. Drops of rain wash over the rocks. I lift my head to the sky. I fall on bended knee. Anguish washes over me. Wetness like rivers flow. Tears fall from dim eyes. My face is awash by the […]

Whispering Spirit

A spiritual wind blows through my soul and flutters the curtains of eternity. From the corner of my peripheral vision, I catch a glimpse of heaven. A tear catches in my throat, and a shout of praise lifts from my spirit as I raise my hands in complete awe at the splendor I glimpsed from afar.

Son, I miss you.

As my fingers tap out the words, my heart shatters in a million pieces. “Why” scrolls through my head like a billboard. But, unfortunately, no real answers are forthcoming. Has the world stopped? Has time stood still? Are the weeks still going?