Whispering Spirit

A spiritual wind blows through my soul and flutters the curtains of eternity. From the corner of my peripheral vision, I catch a glimpse of heaven. A tear catches in my throat, and a shout of praise lifts from my spirit as I raise my hands in complete awe at the splendor I glimpsed from afar. I worship before a mighty King who loves me; he watches over my daily life and knows my every sigh. He gathers my tears into a bottle and stores them in heaven. My cries for mercy bend his ear my way; he helps me in times of trouble.

He knew all problems and was tempted as I, yet without sin.

Jesus is a strong and mighty fortress. He is the rock of my salvation, even nature bows at his feet, praising his great name. When the sun comes up in the East and walks her journey across the expanse of the sky, she cries out praises to her creator. In all his glory, the moon sings with a gentle voice to his maker. The sea, with mighty rumblings, groans, and strains against the shoreline, yet stays within its bounds as his creator instructed it —the creatures great and small swimming in the deep cry out to God day and night. Our Father hears from heaven; he feeds and guides them in the vastness of the oceans. The young lions on the plains of Africa cry with hunger in the heat of the day, even them our God cares and sees their trouble. The trees ask for rain, and the rain falls from heaven in a shower of blessing to their thirsty roots.

Man cries out in his troubled heart in the pitch of night, and Jesus sees their pitiful cries and draws near. He gives the Holy Spirit to minister to broken hearts and draws all men to himself. Our God is a God of mercy and love. He held back the waters of the Red Sea and delivered his children from the hands of their enemies.

Jesus moved among us in the humblest of ways, yet even the great teachers of his day whispered behind closed doors because they could not make him bow to their religious desires. Jesus held all power in his being, yet he came to earth and willingly walked in our shoes. Jesus felt all our anguish, frustration, and pain. His walk on earth was unstained, perfect, trading his heavenly home to walk among thieves. Yet, not shying from sinners, he held them, dear, to his heart.

So be encouraged today, dear ones, for we have a Father in heaven who sees us, he counts the very hair on our heads, and he works all things together for our good. He knows all our ways. Jesus is a close friend and he gave us a clear path to Heaven.