Is it a show? No.

Is it a play or a show on television? No.

Not in the context I’m writing about. It could be that if I were thinking of a TV series or going to the theater to watch a play.

What I’m writing about will get your blood boiling, especially if you’re a parent. Well, it could have the same effect if you have experienced it in the workforce, but I am leaning more towards the parenting type of DRAMA. “sigh” there, I said it out loud. Close your eyes and take a deep breath because if you have small children, I’m 100% sure you know all too well what drama can do to your mental well being. The splitting headaches “Tylenol anyone”? The “Oh my god, I can’t do this, I swear I’m going to go pack my bags” mutterings under your breath.

We all know you don’t pack your bags, and you take your coffee extra strong, “give me the grounds please” for extra measure. You roll up your sleeves and dive into it like a champion swimmer. You don’t bat an eye and pull your kids apart. You put them in time out, so you all can catch a break. I know it’s not all about drama every day, but if you have more than one child, the chances of it {drama} happening, is going up quite a few notches.

As a parent myself, I often wondered, can’t they just get along. To answer this, I had to consider my childhood how my siblings and I interacted. You have multiple personalities, all living under the same roof. They all have their own set of ideas and rules about how life should be. As they get older, they want their voices to matter, and they should. Sometimes all this emotion spills over into tense drama-filled moments, shouting matches, tears, and hurt feelings. You, the parent, comes in on the action to be the final deciding factor in figuring it all out, hence the strong cup of coffee and Tylenol earlier.

There were times I didn’t do anything at all and let the storm of tears and shouting resolve itself. Other times I stepped in and took away the source of the drama and directed their attention elsewhere. However you deal with it, just know you are doing the very best you can at this moment.
Pass the coffee and hand me that bottle of Tylenol too.