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What in the World?

What in the world is happening to our planet? Why is everyone either fear-filled or worried about what tomorrow brings? You watch the news; negativity reigns. Looking at the headlines does not give good vibes either.

Covid,Panic and Toilet Paper

The world we knew has dissolved into a chaotic mess. Nothing is the same. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer are a rare species these days. It feels like your going on safari to shop for groceries.

Fear is a liar

It was windy. We rolled into a camp spot in the Lincoln National Forest that had tall pines and a mountain top view. It was raining; the wind was bending those big trees every which way. I got a small fire going, but our gut kept telling us this was not the spot for us.


    I’m not mincing words when I say its madness how some people do not seem to care or take notice. I see it everywhere I go and especially when I am out in nature. Our parks, hiking trails, and national forests, along our rivers and lakes, have way too much trash everywhere.


Is it a show? No.
Is it a play or a show on television? No.
Not in the context I’m writing about. It could be that if I were thinking of a TV series or going to the theater to watch a play.
What I’m writing about will get your blood boiling, especially if you’re a parent. Well, it could have the same effect if you have experienced it in the workforce, but I am leaning more towards the parenting type of DRAMA.

Thanksgiving and all the trimmings

Thanksgiving means so much to everybody. The gathering around kitchen tables laden with food. The air crackling with conversations of yesteryear, how aunt Mabel burned the turkey to a crisp, and that time Christmas ham came to the rescue.

When silence is Golden

Silence is golden in the early morning hour, just before the sun peaks its first rays over the eastern horizon. No one stirs, and I am sitting on the front stoop of my house sipping on a steamy cup of coffee. The steam rises in the crisp autumn air and disappears somewhere above my head.


We have all heard the saying “An attitude of gratitude” being grateful is harder than being pissed off at things. Why is that? I ask myself that question multiple times. Are we just wired that way or is something more sinister afoot?

Who are you?

 Who are you? Who are you really, at the core of your heart?
 This is the question that will bring out the glazed eyes and the drool for most. They don’t know or they are afraid to find out. Walking around with a mask is much easier, safer, less messy perhaps.

Gathering Wisdom

This day August 16, 2019 I am more aware of things going on in the world, I am more in tune with myself. I see myself and others with different eyes, with more compassion. I have been asking myself, why? Why, when I was younger, I was less aware of things going on around me and my inner thoughts. It wasn’t because I didn’t care, I just hadn’t developed the skills to gather and retain wisdom as well as I do now.