Phycology and forgiveness

I believe we all face troublesome times, and we all have people in our lives who are hard to love. We are hard to love at times. Everybody who has ever breathed air has to look in the mirror knowing they’ve let someone down and deeply hurt another person, even our children. How do we respond when we come face-to-face with this ugly truth?

We have a few different choices: brush it under the proverbial rug or take a hard look at the underlying issue. Most of the time, we are not taking care of our emotional well-being. We allow things to pile up in the inner closet of our hearts, much like that catch-all wardrobe in the hall. We open the door and shove more stuff into the heart closet, hoping the door closes this time.

Then one day, it explodes and makes a gigantic mess all over you and everyone around you. People run for cover because the shizzle has gotten real. You think to yourself; I didn’t just hear myself say that? Ummm, yes, you said that, and it was awful. Red-faced, you try to repair and apologize, but it’s far too late. Afterward, you beat yourself up and can’t forgive yourself. Honey, you said what you said. The only way forward is to be gentle with yourself and forgive your heart.

What about forgiving others when they wrong you? All those little things add up in your subconscious mind and weigh you down. Give yourself a moment to allow the feeling to work through your body, the anger, frustration, disappointment, and all the rest of those negative emotions but then begin the process of forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of the other person’s wrongdoing towards you, and it’s for your benefit, not theirs. As you let go, you are emptying the closet of your heart, creating space for more love and peace. Phycology of forgiveness boils down to your health and mental stability. It’s not allowing the other person who hurt you to have that much power over your life. Let that stuff go, and feel blessed by the release! Walk in forgiveness and enjoy the bliss of peace.