I had my share of breakthroughs and heartbreaks over this past year, everything from reaching new heights to the depths of despair when a dear friend lost her son. Memorable vacations and feeling like my purpose has run under the bridge and disappeared down the river of life. Happiness and sadness poured together in a mixing bowl. Messy no-frills, no bows, yet beautiful, such is life.

When you find yourself standing at the threshold and studying your journey, know you are not alone. Countless others are feeling these same emotions. Gather your wits, inhale a deep cleansing breath and take another step forward, for this is the race of life. There is no stopping except to pause and see your progress. Be proud of where you’ve come from and how far you’re going. You can not afford to become complacent.

Regrouping, waiting for the next phase to reveal itself, is sometimes necessary. Be sure to enjoy this time of rest; you can be confident you will always advance after a sabbatical. You have a Creator who loves you deeply. He imparts wisdom from your heartaches and breakthroughs.

Embrace this beautiful Earth you call home for a season and reach for the stars. Shine brightly and splash your unique colors all around and watch the sunshine smile upon your face. You are so loved. Don’t fear all the changes and seasons; this is the spice of life!