Guts and Passion

Where has the passion gone? This question tumbled through my mind like a dried out tumbleweed blown by the desert winds. My mind has become a dry place, and I had to dust off the cobwebs gathering in the corner. Why does this happen from time to time? I’m sailing along life’s highway at a good clip, and I hit a brick wall at ninety miles an hour. The jolt always catches me off guard, because I had fallen asleep to living. Doing life on autopilot going through the same motions, not even paying attention to the signs that the wall is straight ahead.
I’m thankful for the brick walls though, I’m grateful for the wake-up calls. Without them, life would be meaningless. These give you a new beginning, new hope, guts to change things that need your attention. Passion for living is woven into our life; without it, we can do nothing. I see those people with a real passion for something, and it radiates from them like an invisible light. I want that in my life, I want to stay awake and not grow cold over life’s journey.
Negative things happen, and I want to give up, but those are the moments I need to dig deep and have the guts to say I will prevail over this trial! The trial is there to teach me something, and if I don’t learn from it this time, I will repeat the same thing until I do learn the lesson. When there is an awakening, I can feel it begin to burn inside my chest. Life ebbs and flows this way, I couldn’t tell you why or even how it happens. It just does. Trials allow me to become stronger in different areas of my life, and the wisdom gathered along the way is well worth the pain.
Whenever things are looking bleak, and I feel the sadness creep in like a storm on a sweltering summer afternoon, I remind myself this will pass nothing lasts forever. Bad situations always end, life moves forward, and I get on with living. I want to remember for everything there is a season, and as long as I have breath, I will be going through experiences. I want a productive and fulfilling life. With that comes all kinds of different life lessons. So yes, it takes guts and passion from the cradle to the grave.