The masterpiece that is you

You have been through heart break, disappointments and bad situations that seemed for a moment too hard for your soul to carry, but in hindsight all these trials bring an inner strength, a beauty that colors each strand of your life with vibrant hues and as these strands are woven into the fabric of your being, it unfolds as the tapestry of a true artistic masterpiece.

You also have those highlights in your life, getting married to your best friend, the births of your children, some achievement that you worked your butt off to reach and finally see the fruit of all your hard work come together into that one moment of greatness and you realize you did this! You set the goal, you set the pace, you made the sacrifice and it paid big in the end! All this weaves color and glimmer into your tapestry.

As life continues to weave your very own story, the uniqueness that is you, there will be choices. With choices there are a multitude of different probabilities. Be wise in your choices, because as soon as you make the choice it is set in stone, the consequences follow. Some will only affect you, some will affect not only you but those around you for positive effect or negative. Negative brings darker hues, positive bring bright splashes of color and these too are woven into the fabric of your being.

The unfolding and weaving are constant in this life. Some situations are way out of your control, others are in your control, like your thought life. Be aware that your thoughts have consequences as well. Thoughts you give focus to, come to be in your life.  I want to encourage each one of you to become the best you can be, in whatever phase of life you find yourself now.  There is a day coming when your masterpiece is finished, and your tapestry is tied off. Let’s shine bright and make each moment count. Reach out and touch the world around you, be the change you want to see!