Toys, joys and noise

The house was far from tidy, toys were strewn about as if a small explosion had rocked its foundation. I sat riveted to my chair, hair in disarray breastfeeding my month-old baby. My other four were in the middle of the toys bickering over who had what first. Closing my eyes, pretending I didn’t care that my house was such a mess and to think this was only 10 in the morning. Lunch was fast approaching and my other four were sure to be very hungry.

Opening my eyes, I glanced down at this new addition to our family. He was fast asleep, making sure he hadn’t swallowed to much air I laid him softly into his crib. Carefully closing the bedroom door behind me, I walked into the messy living room. Navigating the toys with deft feet I picked up my two-year-old she had forgotten to use the bathroom and was pleasantly wet. She was newly potty trained but still forgot some days. I got some fresh clothing onto her wiggling body and dumped the soggy clothing out into the laundry room. My older three decided to go outdoors to play. “I will call you once lunch is ready.” I called after them.

I quickly picked up enough toys to actually see the color of the floor. Sighing I turned toward the kitchen almost bursting out in a laugh. I had forgotten my dishes did not magically wash themselves. I was Amish and no electricity here. I was the dish washer. Shrugging I figured I would tackle the chore once lunch was done. I warmed up some leftover meatloaf and gravy from the night before setting five plates on the table I called for my older three to come indoors to eat. They raced inside slamming the screen door, shhhhh I pleaded, your baby brother is sleeping.

Grabbing a wash cloth, I washed dirt off their little faces and hands. They gobbled their food as if I had never fed them. “Nap time” I said once they were filled to the brim. The older two didn’t take naps any longer but they still had to have fifteen minutes of down time, they usually read books. This gave me time to get the dishes washed. To my dismay I realized the water heater fire had gone out and the water was only warm. Settling the kids down I went out to the wood shed and gathered some small pieces of wood and built a blaze in the fire box of my wood fired hot water heater. “Nothing is really easy in this culture” I muttered. Than again I had five little people to take care of and that wasn’t all that simple either. Simple or not I was their mother I could not pack my bags and walk away, and I had no desire to.

I did get the dishes washed that day and I kept my sanity. I have five amazing adult children to prove what I felt lacking many days when they were all small and dependent on me for everything. I was an amazing mother who had the inner strength of super woman.  Every mom out there feeling overwhelmed, like what your doing doesn’t count. Oh believe me it counts in huge ways, go ahead believe in your inner warrior woman and turn that blind eye to those toys that mock at you strewn all over your floor. One day the floor will be free of toys and you will be so very proud of the men and woman you call your children! Enjoy each new day as it brings a new page to the story of your life!