When silence is Golden

Silence is golden in the early morning hour, just before the sun peaks its first rays over the eastern horizon. No one stirs, and I am sitting on the front stoop of my house sipping on a steamy cup of coffee. The steam rises in the crisp autumn air and disappears somewhere above my head. A peace imprints onto my heart, as I breathe in the fallen leave smell that’s mixed in with coffee aroma. A few birds chattering from the treetops broke the silence, in the distance, I hear someone rev their engine as they travel the highway to work. These peace-filled moments allow my mind to fill with good vibes.

Waking up on vacation, knowing this is the last day, and in about a half an hour, I will be up getting everything together to leave for home. But right now, I am enjoying the silence and the view of the mountains in the distance.
Another time I realize that silence is golden when the electricity goes out for a while because a transformer blew down the street. Nothing is humming inside the house, and it is silent. You could hear a pin drop.

Silence is only good for so long, though. I love it when my house is jumping off its foundation with music and laughter. When the kids are all home, playing games around the kitchen table and making messes in the kitchen. Even when they argue about small things, this means there is a flow of life and love in my house. Then when they all go home, when the silence is golden again, can I sit back and reflect on the blessings that are mine.

There are so many distractions nowadays, and it’s not all bad. Enjoy it all, see it all as advancement but don’t forget to enjoy the golden moments of silence that are scattered around. Oh, and you can’t forget the coffee. Know your worthy of being loved and enjoy your moments of golden silence!