Broken Mirrors

I run in the morning from all this pain
I run in the evening from all these heartaches
I tremble upon a bed filled with waves of tears
The day comes to an end, and still, I run

Why you gotta be so cruel, so mean
Tears of pain streak these cheeks
My lips soak up the salty waters
I lift my eyes, seeing my reflection

Trembling fingers reach out and touch this broken mirror
My hand slides down and catches the edge of broken glass
Crimson red slowly trickles down

I stop. I stare in utter disbelief
I hear the tinkling of a thousand fragments
Glass shatter and clatter all around me
I see the old life disappear

Stretched out before my eyes
A new road I behold, full of beauty
Full of wisdom, full of lessons learned
Full of life, love, and laughter to behold

As a traveler through this land
I come to see we all have broken mirrors
Placed before us to show
The past shatters in a million shards

Be not afraid as pieces fly around
Don’t be alarmed by the cuts and bruises
Wait in the breaking, and you will see
A new day will dawn, bright as the morning sunshine.