What is pure love?

With Valentine’s day, just past and you see hearts, flowers, cards, chocolate-covered strawberries everywhere you go; the question popped into my head “does anyone know what true love is”?

When Jesus died on the cross, and I accepted his free gift of salvation, I was raised with him a new woman. Raised in freedom, raised to walk on the other side of the great red sea. The red sea has collapsed in on my old life killing everything in my past.

Don’t look back in fear of old sin life coming after you or allow the accusing voice of the enemy to provoke you to tremble in cowardice.

Instead, look behind and see the enemy slain already. Your flesh is not evil, and it has been renewed, made perfect, and glorified with Christ. Your old ways and Satan no longer have power over you or your flesh. You become a new creation, born again.
Have faith things are working behind the scenes for your good.
Even when everything is in chaos and you make mistakes, this does not render God helpless on your behalf.

When death comes and hits you in the face, he is still working. When sickness robs your health away, he is still watching over you. When your marriage fails, he is still at work, in you and your spouse. When a financial crisis is looming, and it looks dark, yes, God is still working on your behalf. You may not have these in your life, but addiction rules your life, or you have a child who can’t shake an addiction. Does God see you and still work? A resounding yes! You may say, but I struggle with thoughts of suicide. Can he still help me? A hundred times yes. Absolutely!
Christ’s love is not limited to our small feeble attempts to fix our life or understand all of our troubles.

He sees you as you are, in full color, with no filters. Yet he loves you full out. The price was paid  in the blood of Christ, it’s there for all eternity, and nothing you do will take you out of His great love for you.
He knit you together Psalm 139: 13-14 he had his hands all over your little being as you formed in the womb. How great is the God who made the universe? He is Pure Love.