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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry! Yes, that word! It’s something a mom never wants to see or hear. We love our children with an equal passion whether we have one, two or seven we want them to get along, be best friends. Wow! I sipped the cool-aid and my glasses turned a shade of rose. Taking glasses off!

Motherhood highway

I grew up in a culture that had rules for life, one of those rules were you date, you get married, and then you have children. I started off on the wrong foot, I dated a great guy but then I got deeply involved with this guy and I ended up pregnant. Yes, I was a teen mom in an Amish culture. They did not look kindly on young moms like me. Two months after giving birth to my firstborn son I was married to the father of my child.

Moms be kind to yourself

Being a mom is hard and whoever says otherwise needs a good dose of reality. I have heard it on the streets and through the proverbial grapevine, today’s society takes it to the next level in mom shaming. With the click of a button and behind the computer screen people will say anything. But they are not walking in your shoes so hold your head high and know you are being the best mom for your babies right now.

Toys, joys and noise

The house was far from tidy, toys were strewn about as if a small explosion had rocked its foundation. I sat riveted to my chair, hair in disarray breastfeeding my month-old baby. My other four were in the middle of the toys bickering over who had what first. Closing my eyes, pretending I didn’t care that my house was such a mess and to think this was only 10 in the morning.