Growing Pains

They were so little, and they took all my hours. I shuffled around and got my work done half the time. I tied shoes, wiped noses, kept them clean and safe the years came and went. They started school, one by one kindergarten, first, second and then third. On and on I didn’t notice at first. Then I started to see they out grew their clothes and shoes faster. My grocery bill got higher because growing bodies burn a lot of fuel. I baked cookies nonstop.

The years kept going and they continued growing, then one day my boys where taller than me and my girls had matured into amazing young woman. My mind grappled with this process, it took me a while to adjust.  That is when I finally decided that growing pains were not just for my children as their bodies grew and changed. Its for us parents as well. We adapt to them growing into adults but it’s a process that tugs at our heart strings. We love to see them mature and become independent. Yet a small part of us will always treasure that tiny little baby they once where!

Alas! I would not want to keep them small. They grow up and no they don’t outgrow their clothing or shoes anymore, but they outgrow your home. They want to step out on their own, to see the world and carve out a niche for themselves and it should be this way. I see the beauty in it all. Each phase is a growing pain for them and us but in the end, we wouldn’t have it any other way! Be grateful for the years of memories that were built along the road called growing pains.