Disappointed, hurt, let down, wronged, not appreciated. All these words can happen to you at any given moment. Happy, joyful, glad, thankful, grateful, you have the power to choose these in the moment those first five things happen to your world. Is it easy to choose to be joyful, you might be asking yourself with a scowl, when someone says or does something mean?  Ummm not exactly a piece of cake, you train for this stuff, your training ground? The world around you. You can not put yourself into a bubble and live there, although that would be nice certain days. You are made for relationships and those get messy.

But, but, but…. There is no arguing this point, we need each other whether you like it or not. We all have the ability to hurt or to lift each other up. It all starts in your mind and how you conduct your thought patterns throughout your day. Your thoughts will eventually turn into things, and actions, if you don’t believe me, start paying close attention to your inner thought life… you think, you believe what you think, you start acting, this is serious stuff.

We can change our lives by changing our thought patterns, why do some people make great strides in change and others stay stuck for many years or all their lives. It’s because they continue with the same old thoughts and they build it into their brain. The bible says to renew your mind, I believe this means chuck out the old lies and misconceptions that you have believed about yourself, be it from some random person saying something bad about you or something that happened in your past. See your worth.

God created you with so many gifts, it’s up to you to believe Him. The world around us wants to put labels on people, you can choose to ignore the label and just be you. The you God created you to be. There is no one else like you on the planet today and you have a unique gift to bring to this planet. The world misses out when you just go by a certain label and you don’t grab onto your specialness. Dare to be you in a world of labels…. Actually, burn the damn labels.