Into the azure blue

Standing at the edge,gazing out into the vastness of the ocean, my toes sinking into its soft gritty sand. Listening to your roar of defiance at anyone who dares tread your waters. If I listen closely I can hear your rhythm, your song, your heartbeat. I see how you lavish kisses on the sandy shores of pristine sugary white beaches, yet harshly pound  stately gray rocks who stand guard along other shores. The creatures within your watery boundaries lift their voices in harmony with yours and sing a song, serenading the stars and moon overhead. The sea in all it’s power and glory stands tall and salutes to no one. Magical and mysterious in all its essence. I respect the powers that lay in your depths, it will rock you to sleep one moment, then the winds drive it foaming and roaring ashore, tearing apart everything in its path.  Dive deep into the  waters to see the treasures you hold close, is like being transported into a different world. As the waves chase each other overhead you float along amazed at the diverse life in the undersea jungles.

As I stand amazed pondering your azure blue the thought comes to my mind, this is like seeing the human spirit in motion, so calm one moment and utter turmoil the next. Mystery,power,humble,proud all wrapped up in one giant amazing beautiful thing called life. It ebbs and flows, tides come and go, birth and death wrapped up in all its joys and grief. The worried inner thoughts of man can cause waves of chaos, tearing up the lives of others in their path or the peaceful inner thoughts can gently pull at others to see the beauty of  life around them. Life holds so much and its unfolding is clothed in wisdom. Embrace the inner workings of yourself as you change and grow in this human experience we call life!