What thoughts does this word invoke? A mighty warrior out slaying a dragon, no sweat involved, muscles rippling, hair perfectly blowing in the wind. The dragon swoops down to devour said warrior and with one slash of his sword, plooofff…. the dragon falls to his feet in a billow of smoke and soot, dead as a door knob. The warrior blows on his knuckles, leans against his sword while taking a selfie for all the world to see his fearless deed of the day. I am sure this is not what you think of when someone says fearless but hey my mind works up a comical moment every now and then.

Fearless, is about being brave in the face of fear. It’s boldness despite the fear. Confidence is another word for fearless, even when your stomach feels like a hammer punched a hole into your gut. You pull yourself together and walk out on that stage, you give the speech even if you want to run and hide. Gutsy, ballsy, heroic, daring are some other words to describe fearless. We are all faced with scenarios every day that call us to be fearless. The mom who doesn’t want to get up and change one more poopy diaper, or another spit up mess. The dad who for a moment wants to just hide under the covers and not go to work yet again. The woman who must go face that boss who can’t seem to say one nice thing about her, yet she knows it’s best for her family to go back. Facing the fear of feeling you never measure up, you do measure up it’s the fear that keeps you thinking you don’t.

We are not given a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. To be fearless in a world that is big, scary and mean is kind of like our warrior in the beginning of my story, stand tall, whip out your sword and slay the dragon… whatever is intimidating you in this moment. Anytime you step out of your little comfy place, the fear will creep up behind you, it wants a relationship with you. It starts to whisper sweet misery into your head, it makes your heart skip a beat and you start to sweat, then you can’t eat and it’s all you think about. You’ve gotta break up with fear and do a no contact with it. Be the fearless warrior your meant to be and slay it right through it’s big black heart!