Mirror, mirror on the wall {who’s the fairest of them all} This ain’t no fairy tale honey! Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s to blame when I fall……. well you see, {scowls in the mirror} there was this lady at Wal-Mart and she cut me off. Then there was a man jay walking and I had to slow down. My coffee I got from McDonald’s was luke warm, plus they didn’t have my favorite shampoo at CVS, they ran a sale and forgot to tell me… OK, you had your pity party with the hat, balloons and the whole nine yards, now get your panties out of a twist and look yourself straight in the eyes and own up to your bad attitude and bad day.

We all have those days, the lady who cut you off at Wal-Mart might have had a bad day too. We never know. Too many of us want to slap the blame card out on the table and yell UNO! I’m talking to myself here because I can be cruising along, and somebody does something I think is written in my stupid book and I’m muttering under my breath. Yet when I do that DUMB thing, I want everyone to smile and throw rainbows my way. LOL. I laugh because it’s so humorous. Ahhhh the human condition!!

I am gaining wisdom in this area of my life, to live and let live. To dish out grace in the biggest mixing bowl I can find and to eat a slice of humble pie every once in a while. I am taking longer looks in the mirror and I have only myself to blame if I’m dragging about having a horrible day. I choose my attitude, when I open my eyes in the morning and realize I have a gift, a blank slate to write whatever I want in the pages of my history I really want my pages to be filled up to the brim with greatness, with gratitude and with a glad heart. When I’m out and about I remind myself to smile at others. To give a helping hand when I can or a thank you. I know it feels so awesome when I get that handed to me. Go be that minty fresh breath to those around you!!