Love yourself? What are you talking about, that is odd or is it? Let’s dive into this headfirst and explore the depth of this rich truth. I know how rich it is because once I started on this journey of diving deeper into my mind, connecting with all the rawness that lay within and giving it the love and attention it was craving, I began to find peace within myself. Any time we have massive hurt and allow it to fester, all kinds of fear, bitterness, hate, self-doubt, self- loathing will claw at your insides.

We are not meant to carry burdens like this, forgiveness is a great place to start, first and foremost forgiving yourself is vital, then giving all this hurt the attention it needs, tell it “I hear you, you are a part of me right now. I acknowledge this is real, raw and painful but you can’t stay, I give you permission to leave I have forgiven this hurt that has been done to me” most of the time it will stop clamoring and leave. Sometimes we need to do this exercise more than once to get it to leave.

Changing our thought patterns will help bring inner peace and allow us to fully forgive the person who did us wrong. Not allowing those toxic thought loops to take up living space inside our minds is a huge step to self-love. These thoughts have painful barbs, they cling to our minds like burrs on a dog’s coat, they can be very difficult to shake loose. They start showing up uninvited to our conversations. You know those ones where everything is going smooth and bam you get blind sided with a perceived insult and out comes the uninvited guest, spilling all over your conversation and you wonder how that could come from your mouth. Guess what, they have been lurking in the shadows of your mind sneaking around in their, looking for the perfect time to strike. Love yourself and don’t rent out any head space to all that negative and toxic thought waste. If you don’t do some serious deep sweep and recognize and eliminate them completely, they can ruin friendships, relationships and families. So, go ahead give yourself some much-needed tender love, kick them thought suckers out. Love you for who you are!