No giving up now!

“I think I have it all figured out”, I said as I madly dashed around trying to do everything at once. The house was a wreck and my children were right in the middle loving the messiness. I thought if I did more it would magically get better. I WAS WRONG! A huge sigh escaped my lungs as I slunk into the kitchen. I decided to ignore the living room and focus on the kitchen letting the warm water fill the sink, I began to wash the mound of dishes from breakfast and lunch. Keeping my ears open for any trouble from the living room I quickly had half the dishes piled into the dish drainer. Wiping my hands dry, I grabbed a large dish towel and began drying the dishes, so I had room for the other half of the dishes. Just as I was reaching for the first dish, I heard my 2-month-old wake up from a nap and start wailing. Flipping the dish rag onto the counter I quickly navigated the scattered toys, picking up my son from his crib I changed his diaper and fed him. Glancing at the clock I saw I had about two more hours before I had to start dinner. The dishes were half washed, the floors were dirty, and toys in disarray. I closed my eyes and let my mind drift back to when I was a carefree teenager who had chores but not to this degree. I laughed a bit because I had thought this would be great and easy peasy. It was great having children, don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t easy, this was harder than hard.

Putting my son into his baby seat I set him onto the kitchen table. By now the water was cold so I proceeded to change the water. To my dismay the water heater had run out of hot water, I quickly ran downstairs and shoved a few pieces of wood into the fire box making sure the fire was crackling before racing back upstairs. My 2-year-old son was crying, and I could tell my 1 year old needed her diaper changed, by now I wanted to sit down and cry myself. Picking up my 1-year old daughter I quickly changed her and sat her into the high chair with cheerios. I than tried to comfort my 2-year-old son who also needed a diaper change. I sat him down for a snack after he calmed down. Grabbing the toy basket, I scrambled around gathering toys. My baby was sleeping in his seat and the other two were happily making a mess on the kitchen floor with their cheerios. I looked longingly at the rocking chair my aching feet wanted to just sit down but I knew better. I managed to get through that day and many other days that followed. I had thought how it would be and I had thought wrong. It was crazier and wilder than I could have imagined, and I would not change it for a moment. They are all grown up now. I still don’t know how I did it. It must have been love!