Staying Natural

People nowadays are more aware of alternative medicine and are educating themselves about the side effects of conventional drugs. Even some doctors are leaning towards allowing your immune system time to do what it’s designed to do, heal the body. When my children were young, I leaned very heavily on the healing properties of vitamins, minerals and herbs, along with a yearly visit to the chiropractor. My children did not know what it was to go to a doctor for a cold or flu. I have trained them to see what nature has to offer in terms of healing before making a doctor’s appointment. I have done massive amount of research in this area and its a true passion for me! It’s always so rewarding to see the natural healing take place. I do appreciate the advancement modern medicine has made, it’s just not my first choice when dealing with everyday sickness.

A few of my favorite go to herbs, that have proven their weight in gold in terms of taming a cold, cough or the flu are Vitamin C, B- Complex, Elderberry, Garlic Extract and Capsicum. For digestive problems I have used Chamomile, Peppermint, Ginger and Acidolphilus with great success. When summer comes with its fresh crop of tomatoes I love to eat them but they cause sores on the roof of my mouth, so I pull out an old remedy my grandpa told me about years ago and it works like a charm. I take a swig of hydrogen peroxide and rinse like a mouth wash, spit it out and follow with a swish of warm water it will clear them up within a few days!  Another great yet simple thing I have discovered is a remedy for bladder infection. Cranberries… these little gems are amazing, pure cranberry juice yes its sour! You can also buy cranberry tablets in concentrate form at CVS or Walmart. It really has saved my hide many times.

More recently I have tried with success natural wart removal, put oregano oil on a wart along with a band aid overnight. It will turn black and you can peal it right off. It may take a few nights I was impressed with this painless remedy. This is just the tip of the herbal/natural knowledge I have gathered over the last 20 years. There are many more, safe, effective means of healing the body when ailments come knocking at the door. I do know this method is not for everyone but for me it has worked wonders and saved me many doctor visits over the years. I am amazed that our creator loves us so much to put these things onto our planet for our good health! Cheers to being healthy and Happy!