Gathering Wisdom

This day August 19, 2019 I am more aware of things going on in the world, I am more in tune with myself. I see myself and others with different eyes, with more compassion. I have been asking myself, why? Why, when I was younger, I was less aware of things going on around me and my inner thoughts. It wasn’t because I didn’t care, I just hadn’t developed the skills to gather and retain wisdom as well as I do now.  I used to hear older people talk about time moving faster. How certain things that bothered them when they were young didn’t have that much meaning now that they were old, it wasn’t worth their time to get upset about small things like that. We can all attest to the fact that this life is a gift, it is short and full of turbulence. It is also filled with rewarding moments and good memories that can’t be erased. Lessons are learned through observance and being connected with other people. Some friendships last a lifetime, other friendships come into our life leaving a splash of color, be it dull or bright and are gone like a noon time thunderstorm. Leaving behind a fresh new feel or debris scattered about. We look on these moments with fondness or bitter taste.

As we walk this path of life, we are like rolling snowballs in the dead of winter. Some days we gather more wisdom and other days we only gather a little, yet our mind is always gathering insight. Every single day our awareness grows and changes. With each passing year our bodies change sometimes even betrays us, yet our mind stays young. Wisdom is the fabric of life, it gives us discernment and understanding, foresight and prudence. We are made for wisdom; I have answered my own question of “why was I so narrow minded when I was young?” I lacked knowledge and wisdom. It is this way for all people, some gather faster than others. Some refuse to gather at all and are like smooth rocks rolling around getting beat up every day by life. I see wisdom as a cushion for life’s bumps because the more we have; the more we can avoid those negative incidents by shrugging them off and not get tangled up in the brawl. Keep on rolling like a snowball dear friend, gather and share your wisdom to those around you!

Wisdom Quotes:

Your worth consists in what you are and not in what you have~ Thomas Edison~

Give away what you most wish to receive ~Robin Sharma~

Intelligence without wisdom brings destruction ~Erol Ozan~

A loving heart is the truest wisdom ~Charles Dickens~

Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose ~ C.S. Lewis~