She was screaming and kicking her little feet, protesting a nap. She really thought I was buying the act. I wasn’t, but the energy it took to defuse the situation was too draining, so I ignored it for the moment while I took care of her baby brother. Yes, my two-year-old was throwing a temper tantrum, I was at home, so I allowed it to continue for a bit. I finished changing my three-month-old and put him in his crib.

I walked into the living room and picked her up. Drying her tears, I sat down in the rocking chair and began to sing to her. As she fell asleep I felt a bit guilty for not addressing her tantrum, but I knew she was only two and sometimes it was better to just let the storm pass.

It makes a mom cringe. It takes guts to see your child throw one in public, smile through the pain in your gut and try to calm your screaming child down. You know the looks that are thrown your way. Gosh she must be a bad parent is the whisper you see in their eyes, yes, the strangers at the supermarket, the people in the parking lots will snap judge you in a nanosecond.

When my children where small I did everything in my power to disarm the tantrums before they became a big issue. I made sure my kids where well aware if they threw a tantrum in public the consequences that followed were not very pleasant. I had a sit-down chit chat with them every time I took them out. How they needed to respect other people who were out shopping and if they screamed and threw a fit how that is disrupting everyone around them. I always rewarded good behavior with praise.

I however did have my share of tantrums thrown, my initial reaction was embarrassment. I learned its part of their development process. When they were thrown at home sometimes I allowed them to exhaust themselves and then explain how this was not the best behavior for them to display. Sometimes I did nothing. I assure you they will grow and mature into well developed adults. They will not even remember the tantrums. Moms don’t be harsh on yourselves. Do the best today and enjoy being a mom!