Moments and choices

A choice is made in a moment and it can alter your life forever. Once the course is shifted how do you reverse it? You don’t. You live out the course until another moment and another choice comes. It’s like a drop of water on the face of a pond once it hits the surface the ripples expand outward and you can’t stop the reaction.

Wisdom is there to guide you to make great choices, if you ignore the voice of wisdom and make a poor choice, you feel the consequences of that choice until a better choice is made. For some this is the cycle of their lives until death, they may or may not ever see that their life is made up of those moments and personal choices. They choose to blame others for all the hardships in their path of life. They stand on the brink of eternity with nothing to show for their life except poor decisions and a road paved with bad consequences.

If there is breath left in your body you can begin today to make great choices, be it for your mental, physical or spiritual well-being. Choose to follow the path that wisdom gives you because she is your best friend, she wants you to have the best this life has to offer. Wisdom will bring great joy, it will enrich your life and the lives of your loved ones. Wisdom will mute the voice of folly and bad choices.

Even I don’t always follow the voice of wisdom, I have blurted out the first thing that came to my mind when my children messed up and I wanted to snatch the words back as soon as they left my lips, but it was too late, then I had to do damage control. Words when spoken can never be retrieved and erased. I can just cringe and apologize. I have to forgive myself and make a better choice of words the next go around.

Moments and choices don’t have to be a disaster, it can be a great experience, follow the voice of wisdom, make great decisions and see your life flourish. On those sleepless nights when I lay awake contemplating on the choices I have made, I know tomorrow I have a new page to fill and I tell myself I will make better choices. I can sleep better knowing there is grace,there is forgiveness, and there is a new page to write.  You are the only one who can make your moments count with great choices!