What in the World?

 What in the world is happening to our planet? Why is everyone either fear-filled or worried about what tomorrow brings? You watch the news; negativity reigns. Looking at the headlines does not give good vibes either. You roll out of bed, and there is breaking news, an earthquake here, a tornado there. A warship has sunk, and bombs are raining down in Israel and Palestine. Gas prices are on the rise, and so is food. Certain things seem to be booming, yet people are poised, holding a breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. 2020 was a year from hell, and here we are, months into 2021 with only some relief in sight. Things have shifted back a few notches, but we are far from the “normal life” we had before covid. Let’s pull back the curtains of history and take a peek, shall we?

 History has a lot to teach if we take time and scrutinize it. The late 1920s brought astronomical difficulties through The Great Depression. I remember my great grandparents’ stories. They lived on a farm, therefore blessed with food and resources, they grew themselves. They did, however, feed numerous strangers who came begging for food. I am sure most people living in those times were in a state of worry. Ten long years of downturn and struggle shaped lives, sinking some, yet others rose above and swam. They never saw their usual “normal life” come back. Life as they knew it changed, and they shifted with the times. My Great Grandma, up until she passed away in the 80s, still hoarded certain items. The folks of this era did not have news like we do today. I’m sure when the headlines began to murmur of trouble in Germany, people got even more worried and fearful.

 Many tragic moments have come and gone. Now we have instant access to all things negative. As humans, we seem to draw from this energy. We can choose to seek out positives around us. Many good things happen every day. Negative sell more copies, and this is a truth we can’t ignore. It is in our faces twenty-four – seven if we allow it into our space. Having written this, I, too, want to strive and seek out the positive in our world. We have a choice to seek inner peace from God or give in to all the worry, hate, and negativity around us! Change comes whether we want it or not. We can embrace it and be blessed despite it! Go be the change you want to see.