When the Rain Stops


Sweet, warm sunshine. We all enjoy that burning orb in our skies. Lazy summer days on the beach, a warm brisk wind blowing in from beyond the blue horizon of the Atlantic. Lay back on a blanket; feel the grit of sand between your toes, and listen to the high-pitched ha-ha-ha-ha calls from a flock of gulls patrolling the sandy shore. The smell of seaweed and tanning lotion assail your senses. A short distance away, you hear a few children squealing with delight as they splash in the waves. A sigh escapes your lips as you dig your toes deeper into the warm sand. Who can put yourself right there on that beach by closing your eyes and a smidge of imagination?

We all want sunshine in life, yet as we all know, we need rain too. Spring brings the rains; without its falling, we can’t have our vibrant flower gardens and yummy vegetables. Our garden hose is an essential part of growing those lovely plants. When the sun overstays its welcome, our plants beg for rain; we water them down. It’s only a substitute for the gentle rainfall. We can appreciate both sunshine and rain.

Our lives are the same way we have sun and rain mood swings. The ebbs and flows of these are what help us grow. As we gain wisdom and realize things in life can give us temporary growth, we always go back to relying on our source, the creator of the universe. Our heavenly Father holds us in the palm of his hands and never leaves us alone. He brings sunshine and rain. He alone can calm the storms and set a rainbow in our hearts. Be courageous and go forth with thanksgiving! Because when the rain stops, we can be sure the sun will shine once again!