Who are you?

Who are you? Who are you really, at the core of your heart?
A question that will bring out the glazed eyes and the drool for most. They don’t know, or they are afraid to find out. Walking around with a mask is much more comfortable, safer, less messy, perhaps.

It’s not about you being perfect. It’s more about your imperfections; we all have them in different degrees. Do you embrace who you are? If yes, does this excite you? Maybe you’re a schoolteacher, and you know this is your gift to the world or an engineer who loves to build things.

Are you good at being a mom? Your heart and soul are poured into little hearts all day long until you are completely exhausted and covered in sticky stuff. If this makes you feel alive, bravo!

Do you look in the mirror, stare into your eyes, and believe you are special? From the million cells that could have been, you were chosen, put together to be upon this green Earth. Why do you love art or make numbers march to your tune? Perhaps you have a passion for the odd things in life, and you’re excellent at it.

Its because you were a designer baby, and once you were born, the mold was no longer available for use. You are the only one in this entire universe, who holds the title that is uniquely yours!

So, don’t you dare compare yourself with anyone else, because you don’t have an accurate gauge. You see our beautiful Earth through a lens crafted just for you. We can all push each other to be a better version of ourselves, but we can never be the other person.

Your view of the world is so uniquely yours when you tell others how you view things, that’s what makes it new for them because they don’t see the world like you and vice versa.

This keeps the world turning. New art, music, inventions always intrigue and inspire us to dig deep within to find what we still have to offer. You are never too young or too old to start bringing your talent out for the world to enjoy.

Celebrate you! There can never be another you, on this big, vast, full beautiful Earth we all call home.