Dirt Therapy

Children and dirt go together like coffee and cream. They not only love the stuff, it’s attracted to them like a magnet.

As a mom of five I learned quickly not to be uptight about them getting dirty, dirt on shoes, dirt on clothes that’s what a washer and dryer are for to remove said dirt! Spring rains bring on the mud! It was an excuse to break out the four-wheeler and go mudding or have a mud wrestling contest in the back yard. The rugs got muddy so did the floors. It’s part of life and it’s like therapy in a way.

You can let loose and laugh about it. It cleans up nicely and has no side affects if eaten, it may give you a few minerals and some protein depending what’s in it. If you see your children engaging mud as their best friend that’s great, don’t sweat the small stuff, be spontaneous and go join them, allow your inner child to shine bright.

As adults we tend to try and keep tabs on our inner child, please don’t. It keeps the sparkle in your eye and laughter on your lips. Watch how a child views the world, with wonder in their eyes! They see a mud puddle as something exciting. My clan had a blast when it came to dirt, in the fall they raked stacks of leaves and swam in them.

This world is full of stressed out people who have lost that shine in their eyes, yes there are days when I must remind myself to let go of the adult inside and embrace my inner child. Go out barefoot and relive that feeling between your toes. Pull weeds without the gloves and see the dirt packed under your fingernails. Be spontaneous and run out to get the mail when its pouring down rain.

Feel the excitement well up in your soul, dirt is part of life. It can reduce stress because it brings laughter, laughter will lighten your mood and that is why dirt is therapy!