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Staying Natural

 People nowadays are more aware of alternative medicine and are educating themselves about the side effects of conventional drugs. Even some doctors are leaning towards allowing your immune system time to do what it’s designed to do in the body.

Not the good old days

The rain was pounding against the west facing windows, another streak of lightening brightened up the night sky, I tensed up for the roar to follow. The book I was reading hung limply in my hand, tucking my feet snugly under myself, I settled even further down into the lazy boy I was sitting on.

Into the azure blue

  Standing at the edge,gazing out into the vastness of the ocean, my toes sinking into its soft gritty sand. Listening to your roar of defiance at anyone who dares tread your waters. If I listen closely I can hear your rhythm, your song, your heartbeat. I see how you lavish kisses on the sandy shores of pristine sugary white beaches, yet harshly pound  stately gray rocks who stand guard along other shores.The creatures within your watery boundaries lift their voices in harmony with yours and sing a song, serenading the stars and moon overhead.


What thoughts does this word invoke? A mighty warrior out slaying a dragon, no sweat involved, muscles rippling, hair perfectly blowing in the wind. The dragon swoops down to devour said warrior and with one slash of his sword, plooofff…. the dragon falls to his feet in a billow of smoke and soot, dead as a door knob. The warrior blows on his knuckles, leans against his sword while taking a selfie for all the world to see his fearless deed of the day.