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  Mirror, mirror on the wall {who’s the fairest of them all} This ain’t no fairy tale honey! Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s to blame when I fall……. well you see, {scowls in the mirror} there was this lady at Wal-Mart and she cut me off. Then there was a man jay walking and I had to slow down. My coffee I got from McDonald’s was luke warm, plus they didn’t have my favorite shampoo at CVS, they ran a sale and forgot to tell me… OK, you had your pity party with the hat, balloons and the whole nine yards, now get your panties out of a twist and look yourself straight in the eyes and own up to your bad attitude and bad day.


  Disappointed, hurt, let down, wronged, not appreciated. All these words can happen to us at any given moment. Happy, joyful, glad, thankful, grateful, you have the power to choose these in the moment those first five things happen to your world. Is it easy to choose to be joyful, you might be asking yourself with a scowl, when someone says or does something mean?  Ummm not exactly a piece of cake, you train for this stuff, your training ground?

Don’t be a desert dweller

When I woke up, I knew it had to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 am. I heard the whirring of the fridge. I never noticed that particular noise being this loud during the
day. I turned over trying to get comfortable, so I could fall back to sleep, but it evaded me, I tried chasing it down,but it was not wanting to be caught. I lay still for a while
and a silent tear rolled down my cheek.

The masterpiece that is you

 You have been through heart break, disappointments and bad situations that seemed for a moment too hard for your soul to carry, but in hindsight all these trials bring an inner strength, a beauty that colors each strand of your life with vibrant hues and as these strands are woven into the fabric of your being, it unfolds as the tapestry of a true artistic masterpiece.

Moments and choices

A choice is made in a moment and it can alter your life forever. Once the course is shifted how do you reverse it? You don’t. You live out the course until another moment and another choice comes.